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"Every revolting scent and sight is described so thoroughly, that it felt as though at that moment I was THERE. I found this book quite enjoyable... These pages have something for every reader, and I highly recommend it!"

-Steven W., Amazon Customer Review

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the gecko i left for dead

crossing the semidark

of the living room i

               saw a gecko

               no bigger than my little toe

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The Fights

On the main card

Was a local boy

Known throughout his hemisphere

Crowd shouting his name

            Holding up signs in 6 languages

            Their hometown hero waving

            And showing off a few kicks

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The Hobgoblin of Truth No.7


On 83

Past the blinking light

Near the donut stand

A big rig with a full load


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The Unlucky Poet

Daddy didn’t drink except for a beer now and then

Ma works herself ragged still and makes it out to the ranch on weekends

                        They never beat me or my twin sister

                                    Forgot us in the car Super Bowl Sunday

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