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"Every revolting scent and sight is described so thoroughly, that it felt as though at that moment I was THERE. I found this book quite enjoyable... These pages have something for every reader, and I highly recommend it!"

-Steven W., Amazon Customer Review

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Childhood Games

there was a big room at school

above the gymnasium

where we’d get to watch a VHS

an anti-drug PSA filled with copyrighted characters

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The Gentleman's Two-Step: Part 1

“God damn it! Carl!” Avi Bagley shouted at her rearview mirror. “I know you’re itching to get there, but you need to behave yourself, you’re a big boy now.” Carl, still squirming in his seat, tightened his lips and tried not to hum. His eighth birthday had passed only a week before and he shied away from all his gifts. “Nothing,” he’d said, “is going to be better than the Mandrake Festival. And this year…I just know I’m going to get picked to dance. I’m old enough now.”

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Don't Arrest My Dad

rsquo;t know if my Old Man

Still owns the rifle we used to shoot

                        When I was a boy

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