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the gecko i left for dead

crossing the semidark

of the living room i

               saw a gecko

               no bigger than my little toe

                               trying to hide

                                         against the molding


i’d seen it the night before

under the cabinets

          but didn’t bother catching it


the house is regularly

sprayed for bugs and such

               no doubt he’d die

               somewhere in the house

                          its little ghost




                                                   at the


                                                        of its



seeing it again

          i sighed

          and set to catching it

cupping the frantic thing

in one hand

thinking the gecko

          was praying to gecko gods

               cursing its folly

               wanting to warn the others


               at least taste the air one more time


opening the door

i imagined my pulse

          was like a drum of doom

          getting louder and louder

          until that gecko

                     thought it would go mad

                     was certain its little heart

                                    stopped dead


when i opened my hand

the gecko was still

               and unsure

i wondered if it leapt

                     onto a flower bush

                     thinking the afterlife

                               looked so much like home

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