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a romantic movie for valentine's day

my wife put on this romance film

where a woman loses

her memory and her

husband has to convince

her to love him but

let’s her reconnect with

her evil family all

the same

and she doesn’t ask questions

the things a human

computer would logically do

but she doesn’t dig

and lousy writing gets

her to the truth too slow

her father fucked her best friend

her old group is a pack of snobs

her passion is art not law school

then she falls in love with her husband

and none of it made sense


i looked at my own wife

               enjoying the movie for her

               2nd time

and thought

          i’d’ve told you

          they were a den of snakes

          would’ve reminded you

          why you dumped the old guy

          and reasoned

          i’d’ve warned you


when the movie

ended a photo of



came up


and the woman’s face was

content wondered what

a life could be like

never asking the right



she looked happy

but then again she’d

also suffered major

and irreparable brain


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