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"Every revolting scent and sight is described so thoroughly, that it felt as though at that moment I was THERE. I found this book quite enjoyable... These pages have something for every reader, and I highly recommend it!"

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the 400s 

i’m well into the 400s

and i still don’t feel

          like a


          a thing

          i think

          full of lofty



          the play of form and function

          tortured people repeating

                          lines over and over and over

                          until the right

                          word is in its place

          people that know things


                               their history

                               the great names

                                         back millennia

          quoters of verse and scripture and scientific studies

          the eternity-in-daffodils people

                               who swim in the same waters as me                                   but with so much ease


all i see are monsters

and wars as fictional

               as they are bloody

carnivals of horribles

and statues of all the things

               i fear

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