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Vacation: Day 1

The ideas were put on hold

Tied with strings so they won’t float


And the paperwork is chipped at slowly

And you try not to notice

                                    The ideas clunking above your head

Deadlines and such

Emails and reports due by the 14th

And you’re a little ahead

                        Plenty of room for those ideas

You sleep fine

There are no dreams


The morning finds you

Sapped of strength and with your throat on fire

                                    An ocean wouldn’t help

And it’s cold

            96.8ºF according to the thermometer

                                                Dressed in a gallon Ziploc

But the ideas are still floating

And all you try to do is think of something

                                    To light that fire

                                    To get the pen moving

And each breath reminds you

That something’s trying to kill you

            Something that warrants your attention

But all you can do is clutch

                                    To those ideas

                                    And hope you’ll have the strength

                                    To hold on to them

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